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The south side of the country mainly Bie is one of the poorest regions of Angola. Isolated rural areas have no medical or social support. The few doctors have no transport. The elderly poor have no income for medicine.

We support Angolan doctors in 6 sprawling rural communities, providing transport and medical care, plus food and clothing for the very poor.

We address underlying health problems with health promotion and family planning training for women, nurses and teachers

The project serves an average of 528 beneficiaries a month at a cost of a mere 2 per person.

Ten years ago, there were no family doctors whatever in this area. For two years, we provided a mobile health care service with volunteer Angolan G.P.’s.

Angolan doctors have now slowly returned but they lack the very basics e.g. transport and medicines to be able to provide a proper service for their patients.

Our Mobile Health programme provides:


LIFE AND DEATH SOCIAL SUPPORT – We target the very poorest making sure they receive what they need to help them help themselves. For example: a new home and some animals for a TB sufferer living in a leaky shack; a bicycle for a man with 10 children so that he can find work. Where appropriate we provide money for food and medicines


FAMILY PLANNING – unless we provide free family planning advice and supplies to these villages, abortion in the nearest town is the only family planning option open to them.


TRANSPORT FOR OUTLYING VISITS AND VACCINATION PROGRAMMES – not only do we take doctors miles into the country to do outlying home visits to the very ill, we create the climate and precedent that this is what needs to happen.


ESSENTIAL DRUGS SUPPLY FOR EMERGENCIES AND THE VERY POOR – How can doctors help their patients when they have no drugs and their patients have no money? We provide essential supplies and create a sustainable solution with the…


…SETTING UP OF SMALL RURAL PHARMACIES – we lobby for the extension of these pharmacies with the drug companies and transport the pharmacists.

A MOBILE PHYSIOTHERAPY SERVICE – physio and rehabilitation programmes at home for stroke victims, spina bifida children and many more.

HEALTH EDUCATION – in schools and dispensaries- prevention being better than cure.


NURSE and DOCTOR TRAINING - rural doctors and nurses are badly paid and very isolated. We deliver training and exchange visits to the UK to encourage them to develop their own services and working environment.

We have run 10 nurse training programmes in the past couple of years and are also heavily involved in TB training for GPs.




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