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Helping Angolan Charities
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We fund and support Angolan charities working with:

Street children

The elderly infirm and disabled

Children in hospital

Medical programmes to isolated rural areas

Children and adults with special needs in institutions

Tuberculosis sufferers

Mental disability and the mental health arena

Children and adolescents with physical disability

We support motivated Angolan professionals who are determined and equipped to promote change for the better in a climate of ever tougher economic hardship.

We monitor all work that we fund through independent Angolan charities with personal visits and external evaluations.

All the Angolan charities that we fund keep in close contact through detailed operational and financial reports which they send us every three months.

Our approach is to be flexible enough to funding needs which other organisations are not set up to deal with.

Through our training programmes, conferences, seminars, publications and funding, we work to spread successful models in Angola.



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