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We listen to our Angolan friends.

We identify and study problems where we can make a difference.

We create workable solutions and prepare commonsense projects with defined aims and timescales.

We raise the funds - without which nothing can be achieved.

We also produce models for replication elsewhere in Angola, avoiding the need to "reinvent the wheel" - for example with street children's homes, mobile health programmes and play therapy for orphans.

We stay flexible, particularly with regard to hearing funding requests from smaller charities.

We know from direct experience how these groups can achieve fantastic results for relatively small amounts of money - if only the big "professional" funders would listen to what they really need.

We will pay for salaries and office costs where we know these will make a difference.

You can't really run a project without motivated staff operating from heated premises, using telephones and computers. But very few funders will pay for these essentails. They are still scared of funding "administration" costs - an argument which is out of date and needs to be discredited.

Successful Past Projects

We have run numerous projects in the past.

These have ranged greatly in their scope. For example we were involved with homeopathic training for doctors, to facilitate their work with sexually abused orphans.

We have given significant support to the disabled community in Angola.

Among other projects in the mental health arena, we led a campaign with the Parliamentary Human Rights Group to reform the political abuse of psychiatry.




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